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What is gotFeedback?

gotLearning stands for Growth Over Time Learning. We are an education company that has built the first Collaborative Learning System (CLS).  The CLS was born in the classroom out of necessity. Our founder needed a platform that not only captured student work, but allowed for the teacher and student to communicate about it. He already had the tools to do this, but needed them in one place. From there, he expanded gotLearning to involve other teachers, educational specialists and school administrators to play instructional roles in each of the student’s learning journeys.

See how gotLearning works video.

What is a learning conversation?

Prior to a lesson the teacher sets goals and outcomes. The teacher then provides a learning engagement (activity) to the students. How the student responds to this engagement determines what the teacher does next. This “next” is the beginning of the learning conversation. This may be feedback, reteaching, revisions, reflections, forms of meaning making and even transfer of knowledge. These conversations take place through many interactions. Some are face to face and some are asynchronous.
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Can I try gotFeedback in my classroom?

Educators may register for a free gotLearning ProTeacher account via this link.

You can also invite two other teachers and one administrator to join you! You will be able to share students, see what they are learning in the other classes as well.

What devices can my students and I access gotFeedback with?

gotLearning is accessible through a web browser. So you can access gotLearning with a computer, tablet and your mobile devices. The gotLearning mobile app is available in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Can I use gotFeedback with _____________? ← Insert favorite EdTech tool!

gotLearning was designed by educators that use all kinds of different tools. You can easily incorporate your google Docs, FlipGrid videos, Microsoft documents/presentations, PDFs, links to LMS posts/pages etc. gotLearning was made to help teachers and students keep all of their communication and learning evidence in one spot.

My school uses Google Classroom. Do you integrate with it?

gotLearning integrates with Google Classroom. You can import your classes and rosters. gotLearning also has functionality to easily attach files from Google Drive right into our learning conversations. When you open a Google Doc/Slide/Sheet in gotLearning it opens right inside of the conversation. You can even distribute individual copies of a Google Doc/Slide/Sheet to each student.

Is gotFeedback a learning management system (LMS) like Blackboard, Schoology or Canvas?

gotLearning is a Collaborative Learning System (CLS). A CLS helps teachers and students by keeping all of their learning conversations in one place. We believe that we complement learning management systems. LMS’s do a great job of providing content to your class, managing assignments, administering tests and quizzes and making announcements. Teachers and students can directly link necessary parts from an LMS into a learning conversation.

Is gotFeedback a student information system (SIS) like PowerSchool or Skyward?

gotLearning focuses on student learning communication and qualitative data and is a Collaborative Learning System (CLS). We believe that we complement school student information systems. Student information systems are phenomenal at keeping grades, attendance, lunch counts and other statements of record.

As a teacher can I see my student’s conversations from previous school years?

gotLearning is a Collaborative Learning System (CLS) and focuses on the student and their learning. As classroom teachers there were times when we needed to see how a student did in previous school years. Usually we were not looking for grades, but qualitative learning evidence – examples of their work or even better a window into a student’s thinking. By seeing previous school year’s learning conversations we can learn how a particular student learns.

Does gotFeedback work with in-class, hybrid or remote learning?

Absolutely! Student learning occurs in all of the above. Because student learning happens in conversations over time, gotLearning is a perfect fit!

Can I get a demo of gotFeedback?

Absolutely! You can use our contact us page or you can schedule a time with one of our teachers.

What books and articles have affected gotFeedback’s thinking?

We love to read! However, you probably do not want to know our favorite genres! So, in regard to student learning these are some of our favorite books/articles and authors: How’s it going? by Carl Anderson, Visible Learning by John Hattie, “Seven Keys to Effective Feedback” by Grant Wiggins, Instruction for All Students by Paula Rutherford, Embedded Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam, “Growth Producing Feedback” by Bruce Oliver and Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe.

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Do you realize how cool gotFeedback is?

Actually, we like it too! That first time when you realize that all elements of a learning conversation are in one place and you can find everything without searching is awesome. More time focusing on student learning, less time searching!

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