gotFeedback Edition Guide

Choose the edition that is best for you.

Lite Version


Receive AI feedback on submitted work

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Just AI Feedback (does not keep record of the feedback)
1,500 Word Limit Per Document (Text, PDF and MS Word only)
Does not store AI Generated Feedback
Limited to 100 inquiries per day
Does not have AI Custom Prompt Manager

Pro Teacher Version


A platform to conduct learning conversations, capture learning as it is occurring and use multiple modes of feedback!
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Up to 6 Classes
150 Students per Teacher
Multiple Modes of Feedback (text, audio, video, files and AI)
Announcements and Class Content (coming Feb 1, 2024)
Show Growth Over Time
Reflections and Goal Setting
Family View
Add 3 Teachers & 1 Administrator to Your Team
AI Feedback: 10,000 Word Limit Per Document (Text, PDF, MS Word and Google Docs)
Moderated and monitored (student facing) AI feedback from teacher prompts (coming in March 2024)
AI Custom Prompt Manager for gotFeedback (AI Feedback)

Schools & Districts


The full power of gotFeedback

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Everything in the Teacher Version
Unlimited Classes per Teacher
Unlimited Students per Teacher
Additional Roles: Specialists, Counselors and School Admins
360 Degree View of Students
All Features of gotFeedback (AI Feedback)
View Each Student's Previous Year's Classes
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Have all of your student’s learning evidence all in one place – rough drafts, feedback, revisions, corrections. Try gotFeedback now!

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